Msd烘烤箱 自制氮氮气柜 低湿手套箱 低湿烘烤箱 洲侨创新专业生产厌氧烘箱、除湿柜、MSD低湿烘箱、控氧氮气柜等各类设备

Application For

  • PCBA Microelectronics Industry

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  • Micro Assembly For MEMS Industry

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  • Semiconductor Front End Process

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  • Aerospace Aviation Industry

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  • Intelligent and 4.0 Industry manufacturing

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  • New energy Industry manufacturing

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Affected by COVID-19


The factory is affected by COVID-19 and thedelivery schedule...

The Oven's Been Ready To Go


Part of Equipment in CBI Assembly Center havebeen debugging ...

Upgrade Into The Industry 4.0 era


Cleaning O2 monitoring high temperature oven developed by CB...