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Semiconductor Front End Process

Aerospace Aviation Industry

Intelligent and 4.0 Industry manufacturing

New energy Industry manufacturing

Curing for PI/BCB

Temp.: ≤250 or 350

Oxygen Concentration:1~9999PPM

Cleanliness: Class 100FS209E

Filter: 99.99% @0.3μm High Temp. HEAP Filter

Temperature uniformity: ≤ ±2.5%

Applicable Model:

Class 100 O2 Monitoring Oven -COH Series

Cleaning O2 Monitoring Oven -DF Series

Anti-Oxidation Storage

Oxygen Concentration:≈1% or ≤1000PPM

Cleanliness: Class 10~1000 (FS209E)

Antistatic:Antistatic materials for body and shelves with 106~109Ω

Applicable Model:

Cleaning Nitrogen Cabinet -CNDH Series

O2 Monitoring Nitrogen Cabinet -NDH Series

M-Smart System For WMS