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As an extension of the intelligent management and control of storage and high-temperature equipment, the material intelligent management and control system provides intelligent tracking and management for the whole process of materials, storage or test parts. Such management and control can be networked, integrated and intelligent, and can be combined with most of our storage and high-temperature equipment to form a comprehensive intelligent control system.

An Intelligent Networking System Of MSD Devices

Applicable Model:

On Line Fast Dehumifying Cabinet -ADH Series

Low Humidity Baking Oven -TADHE-T Series

Low Humidity Baking Cabinet – TADH Series

Low Humidity & Q2 Baking Oven TADHE-NO/N Series


An Anti-Oxidation Intelligent Warehouse System

Applicable Model:

O2 Monitoring Nitrogen Cabinet -NDH Series

Cleaning Nitrogen Cabinet -CNDH Series

Self-Contained Nitrogen Cabinet -ANDH Series

An Intelligent Networking System of Baking Ovens

Applicable Model:

Low Humidity & Q2 Baking Oven TADHE-NO/N Series

Cleaning O2 Monitoring Oven -DF Series

Class 100 O2 Monitoring Oven -COH Series