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Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSD) have become widely used with the increased sophistication of electronic products.  However, MSDs present a number of challenges when used in surface mount assembly as they may suffer internal damage during the manufacturing process if they are not handled and stored according to industry standards.


MSD & PCB Storage


Recovery Time:≤15分钟

Antistatic:Antistatic materials for body and shelves with 106~109Ω

Applicable Model:

On Line Fast Dehumifying Cabinet -ADH Series

Self-Contained Nitrogen Cabinet -ANDH Series

M-Smart System For MSD Storage

MSD & PCB Baking



Tem. Uniformity:≤±2.5%

Recovery Time:≤15 mins

Applicable Model:

Low Humidity Baking Oven -TADHE-T Series

Low Humidity Baking Cabinet

Low Humidity & Q2 Baking Oven TADHE-NO/N Series