Fast Dehumidying; Anti-Oxidation Series

Anti-Oxidation; Low Humidity Baking Oven

Cleaning Oven With O2 Monitoring Series

WMS For MSD Material Control

Self-Contained Nitrogen Cabinet -ANDH Series


1. No Nitrogen (N2) Air Source Require. 100% Nitrogen Saving

2. Internal NGU And Control System

3. 5-20 L/Minute Air Flow & Adjustment

4. Real Time Humidity & Oxygen Concentration Monitoring Control

5. Available For Multi-Cabinets Networks Running


CBI Brings This Breakthroughs And Makes Nitrogen Saving Possible:

① 100% Eliminate nitrogen source .Only pay 3-6 months current N2 running cost to have equipment velum.

② Neither having inconvenient for changing nitrogen bottle or cost spent on rental and maintenance on nitrogen tower .

③ Typically applied to those users who are shortage of nitrogen source.